Vote 2022

Now more than ever, your vote counts.

Download our 2020 Voter Toolkit to prepare for the November 3rd general election! 

The data is clear: those who don’t vote are as responsible for the outcome of an election as those who did.

In 2016, Arizona ranked 43rd in voter turnout nationwide, and less than half of residents aged 18-35 came out to vote. 

“Millennials represented 32% of the adult population during the 2016 election, while Baby Boomers represented 29%. Yet there were 273,560 more Baby Boomers registered to vote than Millennials. That translates to millennials representing only 25% of registered voters, compared with Baby Boomer at 33%.”

 - David Daugherty & Joseph Garcia, “Arizona’s Voter Crisis,” Arizona State University, July 2018.  

We can do better. Let’s change that in 2020. 

Register to Vote 

In the state of Arizona, you must register before Election Day. Since you are not allowed to register at your polling place on the day of the election, it is crucial to know the registration deadlines for upcoming elections. 



Your County Recorder will mail you a voter registration card 4-6 weeks after registering. It’s important to verify that the information on your card is correct. Please contact your County Recorder with any questions, or to request a replacement registration card. Your registration card may be used as a form of ID at the polls.

Important Arizona 2020 Voting Dates



Local Elections

May 19, 2020


April 20, 2020

Primary Election

August 4, 2020


July 6, 2020

General Election

November 3, 2020


October 5, 2020

In order to qualify for voter registration in Arizona, you must be all of the following:

Voter Eligibility in Arizona

  • A U.S. citizen
  • A resident of the Arizona county listed on your registration
  • At least 18 years old on or before November 3, 2020
  • Not declared "incompetent" by a court
  • Not currently disqualified from voting due to felony convictions. (If you have been convicted, learn more about applying to have your voting rights restored on the ACLU Arizona website.)

I think I’m already registered to vote

Check that you are registered to vote in the correct county, and that your details are up to date BEFORE upcoming voter registration deadlines. 


Any major life changes lately? 

Changes to the following situations will require re-registration to maintain voter eligibility in Arizona:  

  • Name change
  • New political party affiliation
  • Any residential address change (even if it’s still in AZ)

Download our 2020 Voter Toolkit to prepare for the November 3rd general election!