Empathy building, workshops, and assessment tools  customized to effect meaningful, innovative and inclusive  change within your organization. 

After more than a decade of work with Arizona’s  business community, ONE Community understands  that your organization can only benefit from embracing  diversity and inclusiveness. In fact, we believe it is a  necessity to go beyond simply following the letter of  the law. You must develop an internal and external  culture, becoming truly competent in Diversity, Equity  and Inclusion in order to recruit top talent and stay  competitive.

The ONE Community Institute offers comprehensive workshops  and certification programs that will get you there. Our modules  are designed for leaders and employees at all levels, allowing  your team to work together to create change from within. While  much of our training has a unique focus on LGBTQ+ identity, this  comprehensive content applies to diversity, equity & inclusion  practices for all historically marginalized and underrepresented  groups. The skills and knowledge you take away will have broad and far reaching applications for your company. 

For more information on the ONE Community Institute send us an email: [email protected]