A Thank You to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors

As business, religious, and civic leaders, who are deeply invested in our state, we strongly believe every Arizonan should have a voice in our democracy and that voting should be equally accessible and safe for all voters. In the arc of history, we should remember that Arizona was an early adopter of the permanent vote by mail list and our state has successfully utilized this system for over two decades and know it's safe and secure. A free and equal right to vote protects all other freedoms and rights that we hold dear as Americans and as Arizonans we believe deeply in a free and equal right to vote.

That is why we are grateful that our Maricopa Board of Supervisors have continually embraced and acknowledged Arizona’s long and proud history of voting by mail with no issues. They are on the front lines, studying this approach and know it has worked. As they have cited, multiple publicly conducted audits have already shown that Arizona’s 2020 elections were conducted safely and securely, with no evidence of fraud or other misconduct.

Earlier this year, we saw the reputational and economic damage done when Georgia passed discriminatory voter legislation. The MLB moved the All-Star game and corporations across industries spoke out against the measures. Sadly, some of our leadership at the Arizona Legislature are following this misguided and unsubstantiated approach. These continued measures aren’t just harmful for a vibrant democracy, but it will most certainly harm Arizona’s reputation once again. At a time when we are just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel from the economic devastation because of the Covid19 pandemic, we don't need unnecessary roadblocks to a vibrant democracy and to a successful economic recovery in the form of controversial and divisive measures that will only bring negative attention to our state.

As individuals who hold our corporate responsibility and democracy in great esteem, we ask that we work together to identify common goals that will help us to physically, emotionally and economically recover as a united front. Democracy works best when everyone has the meaningful opportunity to participate, and we are grateful that our Supervisors at the risk of their careers care more about the future of Arizona over political expediency. This is not a time for additional barriers, but rather a time to seriously focus on real issues – economic growth and recovery, revitalizing industries damaged by the Covid19 pandemic, and policies that will help all Arizonans succeed.

Thank you to our Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for listening to the data and answering in a unified voice by urging that now this is a time to stop calls and efforts that continue to promote costly and baseless election audits. We are grateful for your leadership to shut down all audit efforts, graciously accept the outcome of the 2020 election cycle and instead follow our better angels and inspire one another to unite as Arizonans and Americans.


John Graham, Chairman and CEO, Sunbelt Holdings

Robert Heidt, President & CEO, Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Kimber Lanning, CEO, Local First Arizona

Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO & President, KEO Marketing Inc

Lorenzo Perez, Co-Owner, Venue Projects

Adam Goodman, CEO, Goodmans Interior Structures

Paul Johnson, Owner, Old World Communities

Gonzalo de la Melena, CEO, EDM Ventures

Angela Hughey, co-founder & President, ONE Community

Michael Soto, Executive Director, Equality Arizona

Jason Wong, Founder & Board Chairman, Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders

Frankie Jo Rios, President & CEO, East Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Doug Bruhnke, CEO, Global Chamber

Robert Kravitz, Rabbi Dr

Catherine Scrivano, President, CASCO Financial Group

Chris Waychoff, Numbers Guru, NMAAB

The Very Rev. Troy D. Mendez, Dean, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Ed Zito, Managing Partner, Black Point Ventures LLC

Dr. Joel P. Martin, President, Triad West, Inc.

Kega Nasios, Pastor          

Christopher Carpenter, Presiding Bishop, Reformed Catholic Church

Susanne Lake, CEO, Slake Consulting

Warren Norgaard, Owner, Milkweed Arts

Kerwin Brown, Founder & Managing Principal, K-Vaughn Consulting

Scarlett Spring, Chief Executive Officer, Taproot Intervention & Solutions

Diane M. Serpa, Owner, Grey Cat Dot Digital Design

Thomas Tenkely, Owner, Joe Filter

Kimberly Bogues, CEO, Flourish Business Services, LLC

Carl Johnson, Owner, JP Retail Management Inc

Elaina Verhoff, Owner, Elaina V. Public Relations

Pamela Hamilton, Owner & Publisher. Edible Phoenix

Jeff Taylor, Owner, Tri-Tek Electronics

Miriam Carlson-Maier, Owner, The Whiskey Porch

Audrey Holmes, Owner, Sonoran Desert Pet Resort

Kristen Burkhart Ferhati, Co-Owner, Re Di Roma Wood-Fired Pizza

Suzanne Lewis, Founder & Principal, Meridian Education

Nancy Biggins, President, Copper Hummingbird, LLC

Natalie McGee, Owner, Arizona Cactus Ranch

Monica Merenda, Owner, Los Compadres

Ryan Moser, Owner and Manager, Old Orchard Mobile Notary

Amanda Crisalli, Owner, Verve Studios

Juan Kingsbury, Founder and Talent Strategist, Career Blindspot

Justin McKay, Owner, Justin McKay + Co

Walt Pitts, Musician, Prime Vibe Music

Sara Miles, Owner/Head Trainer, Smiles Dog Training

Laura Tanzer, Owner, Laura Tanzer LLC

Kari Carlisle, Executive Director, Heritage Square Foundation

Jaime Zuder, Managing Partner, Journey Payroll & HR - PHX

Shane Reiser, Owner, Reiser Holdings, LLC

Isaac Navias, CEO, LocalFi LLC

Carol Comito                      

Don Benton            

Rick Heumann        

Miriam Weisman  

Karl Schmitt            

Carl Johnson