Arizona Supreme Court Decision: Call to Action

This week’s Arizona Supreme Court decision on reproductive rights is harmful to Arizona, our economy and our citizens. It once again puts Arizona in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The draconian decision to revert Arizona to a pre-statehood, Civil War-era abortion ban continues to promote gender inequality and impact our standing in the national and global economy.

Arizona is a state that is fiercely independent, taking pride in individual freedoms and the belief that with hard work you can achieve success. However, this week’s decision rolls back those individual freedoms and creates a roadblock to success by limiting access to healthcare options for half the population.

The decision also makes it harder for Arizona to attract and retain the workforce we desperately need to thrive and grow. Top talent will not want to stay or relocate here if they lose fundamental freedoms when they cross state lines. And many corporations and businesses want to know that their employees have equitable protections and autonomy to make the decisions that are right for them.

We strongly condemn this decision and hope Arizonans will join us in our call to action:

  • We call upon our leaders to act swiftly in reinstating protections and access to healthcare.

  • We ask Arizona voters to join us in voting to protect choice in November. 

  • We ask all Arizonans to visit to register to vote or update their registration status so they can use their voice in November.